Short Biog.

Annabelle Shelton holds a BA Hons Fine Art from Staffordshire University and Post Graduate Diploma & MA Fine Art from Birmingham City University.
She is based at the Milton Keynes Art Centre on the grounds of Linford Manor, and is a former member Market Project a collective researching and sharing new methods or opportunities for artistic professional and economic development.

In 2010 Shelton was a resident artist at the Aberystwyth Art Centre, Wales, on the University campus, where, she took part in the main gallery show ‘Five’.  In the same year she was a selected for the John Moore’s Painting Prize. In 2011 she had a solo show at the Chapter in Cardiff.

Shelton has provided critical text for reviews for a-n Artists Information Company. Shelton has previously shown work with Jill George Gallery, Rebecca Hossack Gallery, Rarity Gallery Greece and Corte Real Portugal. She was awarded Neo:artprize 2013 2nd prize for ‘Black holes at Weymouth’.  In 2015 Shelton’s work appeared in the Sunday Times Watercolour Exhibition and the Discerning Eye as a selected artist by Curator Stephen Snoddy The New Walsall Gallery UK . Her work is in many private and public collections internationally.

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